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Discussion on: I'm a Salesforce Technical Lead, Ask Me Anything!

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Javier Manzano Ask Me Anything

That's a pretty good question actually.

Salesforce is a CRM platform. In a nutshell, it allows any company to keep track of their sales and support cases and other kinds of things related to the lifecycle of a customer. You wanna buy a new laptop? Some sales guy notes it down in Salesforce. You had a problem with the last TV you bought? The case you opened via email is tracked in Salesforce. It's, like I said, a CRM.

And why should you care? The main advantage of Salesforce is that it is COMPLETELY customizable. They have designed a specific OOP language (Apex) with Java-like syntax which allows you to interact with the DB, and all the services of the platform. They also have multiple frontend frameworks which allow you to fully and 100% customize the layout of it. But, on top of all these coding capabilities, they also have a ton of point&click configuration available which turns the platform into a powerhouse.

So... all in all, it's a Platform which you buy licenses for and whose back and front-end you can fully customize with 1% of the effort you would have to invest with other technologies. That and the salaries are much higher than average other technologies.

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John Alcher

That's an interesting read. Thanks!