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Evidence as a starting point

When we decide to initiate a new change in our product, we usually do it based on opinions, where we tend to agree with a simple statement and take responsibility for exponential results.

Evidence can help us make better decisions,

Evidence is facts, information, documentation or examples that support a claim; if we make a decision based on opinion we will not be taking the truth into consideration, and what is the truth? What we can clearly see and we cannot doubt about because, it ends up being a graphic representation of what the person is narrating to us,

This forces us to be detailed with the information we receive analyzing and validating with a critical rather than emotional sense,

How is this reflected in technology?

In many moments, we have to make a change because the executive thinks it's good, because people's opinion is LISTENED (when we know that people are lying, then it's not the truth). The truth is the congruence between the affirmation and the facts that monopolize the necessary doubts, with logical and rational sense (being able to see it and corroborate its source on our own);

If we start talking about users are breaking the user journey for ___ and it is understood that the best solution is ____, you can see that after having shared what I said a moment ago, you may feel the need to ask for statistical evidence of the user journey breaking and what then proves that this is the best solution.

Personally, I don't like to work with opinions but with numbers, opinions that we can translate into numbers with simple surveys and study mathematical probabilities in this regard, with the result of the almost exact, we can get closer to creating something of quality, however, treating the bias of the recipient with strategically worked questions but with a margin of risk, knowing what the risk is and what its impact would mean for the product.

As can be seen, changing a functionality is not as simple as an opinion; an opinion must first be necessary and carefully worked out beforehand so that it does not bring major conflicts, and brings us closer to positive results. If there is an opinion, it is necessary to make the risks clear, or take it as a hypothesis (although it also requires a deeper and more robust procedure).

Having the evidence of facts will help us save time, money and will increase the effectiveness of our decisions; "what we don't see is what kills us" or rather kills our product.

Be careful!

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