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How Do Small Companies Do Contract Management with SharePoint?

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Contract administration software gives centralized storage capacity and contracts lifecycle mechanization, which serves to rapidly make, favor, recover and share contracts and related docs. It saves a considerable amount of time, and time is critical to small companies that have a ton of work but not many workers. Additionally, contract management software is an unquestionable requirement for small businesses striving for more, as it makes a good reason for the development of a contract management system and, as a result, for extension of a business itself.

It is intelligent for small businesses to pick contract management solution conveyed in the cloud, as of today, cloud-based contract management software is reasonable to even the smallest of organizations. Their expenses are limited since small companies simply need to pay for a membership without putting into IT foundation.

Office 365 SharePoint Online platform sent in the cloud can turn into a good choice for small businesses contract administration. We should find out the reason why.

Microsoft SharePoint as contract management software

Office 365 gives broad opportunities to inside and outer joint collaboration, undertaking and project management, record stockpiling, messaging, examination, and so forth, which makes it very nearly a universal environment for office tasks. In any case, it can offer solutions particularly for contract management that depend on Microsoft SharePoint consulting. Office 365 SharePoint Online can automate a contract’s lifecycle from creation to ending and maintenance simply like any particular contract management software. It's conceivable in light of the fact that Microsoft SharePoint Online has all the principal components required for contract management:

Contract creation workflow

Microsoft SharePoint Online can give viable association between the contract manager and legitimate and financial staff amid the contract creating through intranet discussion board or remarks. Likewise, it's simple and quick to make and store a contract in SharePoint Online as the platform is as of now incorporated with Word.

Contract templates

There's no need in making contracts from scratch in Office 365 environment. SharePoint Online permits making, storing and reusing templates for different kinds of contracts. Subsequently, standard contracts, for example, non-disclosure agreements can be made in seconds as they don't require numerous modifications from a relevant format. Microsoft SharePoint likewise makes it possible to store and reuse contract fields (e.g. lawful locations) and provisos (e.g. drive majeure). This keeps up business consistency and enhances risk management because of utilizing the same already approved legal terms in all agreements and related docs.

Approval workflow

Microsoft SharePoint Online backs vertical and even approval workflows of any complexity and number of stages. As some other Microsoft SharePoint built-in kinds of workflows, approval workflows are generally rule-based. For instance, a domestic contract can have a more straightforward approval workflow with fewer members when compared with a contract with different states. The workflow automatically routes a contract to relevant people (a legal advisor, CFO, CEO) for approval and special dashboards mirror the agreement's present status: new, pending or affirmed. At the point when the endorsement procedure is settled, the agreement director gets a robotized warning that the agreement is affirmed.

E-signature integration

Microsoft SharePoint Online can be incorporated with e-signature software, for example, DocuSign. Such coordination takes out the requirement for wet signatures or in-person gatherings. In this manner, the contract lifecycle turns out to be completely computerized, however; the contract itself remains lawfully official. Therefore, settling negotiations turns out to be significantly quicker.

Contract search

Because of its great search engine,Microsoft SharePoint Online gives an intelligent search by keywords, metadata or full text. Microsoft SharePoint likewise supports searching contracts through numerous resources, for example, portals, other document management systems, CRM, BI frameworks, and so on. Indexed lists in Microsoft SharePoint Online are returned in one positioned list with connections to the thing and metadata.

Alarms and updates

Microsoft SharePoint Online empowers clients to preschedule automatic alarms and updates about a contract's status and its turning points, for instance, payment or termination dates. Hence, when a specific vital date approaches, clients will get an email warning. This component additionally permits maintaining a strategic distance from undesirable programmed restoration, which is very basic for obtaining contracts.

Microsoft SharePoint Online contract administration: benefits for small businesses

Presently we see that Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online has fundamental contract management features. Yet, does it make Microsoft SharePoint Online suitable for small companies? Are there any advantages over other cloud-based solutions planned particularly for contract management (Gatekeeper, Contract Advantage, and so on.) that influence this platform to captivate everyone? It is found there are:

Comfort. If a business as of now utilizes Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint Online for project management or collaboration, picking a contract management solution in view of a similar platform is very intelligent. In this manner, organizations can accomplish more noteworthy cost-effectiveness than spending on another third-party platform.

Ease of use. Microsoft SharePoint Online has intuitive and simple to-utilize interface. It requires least preparing and there are numerous training tools and guides provides for users. Thus, small organizations may concentrate more on the business and invest less energy in acing new software.

Scalability. SharePoint Online platform has high adaptability. It makes a positive environment for developing a contract management system and, thusly, to grow of a business itself. It's essential for small companies that are intending to extend.

Integration. SharePoint Online is perfect and backs out-of-the-box integrations with whole MS Office including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Likewise, SharePoint Online can be effortlessly integrated with CRM. It's a critical advantage for small businesses, as their most noteworthy need is to expand sales and they generally utilize CRM frameworks, for example, Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and Zoho CRM. This sort of combination guarantees that information in contract records and CRM frameworks are dependable in a state of harmony and can be effortlessly found.

Security. Office 365 and SharePoint online have a propelled security display. Such features as multifaceted authentication, encryption of information very still and in travel, information misfortune avoidance, programmed against malware insurance and more make an agreement administration arrangement in light of SharePoint Online a solid device to deal with delicate contract data. SharePoint Online additionally gives a full review trail indicating who saw, changed, erased or shared contracts, which encourages holding fast to government and state compliance regulations.

Cost. Office 365 keeps to a subscription pricing model, which enables independent companies to plan their costs. In addition, there are no hidden costs in Office 365 and SharePoint Online, as all updates are given free of charge. The cost for SharePoint Online begins from just $5.00 users/month and $12.50 users/month for the entire Office 365 suite, which is moderate for small businesses. In examination, Contract Advantage costs about $100.00 user/month.


The significance of contract management for small businesses can't be exaggerated. Persistent and intelligent contract management guarantees legal obligation management, which adds to the expansion in deals, pick up of more productive contract terms and better consistency, and in addition the change of client merchant connections. Contract management in view of Office 365 SharePoint Online is economical, simple to-utilize and incorporating great with another programming, which is significant for small businesses. Likewise, the stage guarantees viable contract administration because of inherent devices for contract composing, evaluating and arranging, top-notch security and protection controls, and in addition, adaptability, making it an ideal answer for small businesses.

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