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I've been developing on the Microsoft stack for 20 years now. I'm launching an app I've been working on for nearly 2 years now, built on ASP.NET Core & SQL Server and runs on Amazon AWS Fargate (in Docker containers) & RDS (SQL Server 2019). I learned how to build Cloud Formation JSON files and deploy my cloud infrastructure in any region within 10 minutes (public/private subnets, load balancer, NATs, VPC Endpoints & PrivateLink, Fargate tasks, security groups, RDS database, the whole nine). I use a simple batch command to build & deploy (CI/CD) my ASP.NET Core project which uses Docker Desktop for Windows & Amazon AWS CLI to do the heavy lifting. When I deploy, there is no downtime for my app since Fargate keeps the existing Docker container running until the new containers are provisioned and running. Visual Studio will update my live database schema when I publish the SQL Project to the remote server. My app auto-scales because of Fargate & RDS. I love being a full-stack developer.

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