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Discussion on: bought my first macbook

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I've been using MacBook Pros for about 10 years now after being a die-hard PC guy before then, and I would find it very difficult to go back. The multi-touch gestures on the trackpad are clutch.

I'd highly recommend checking out Sourabh Bajaj's macOS Setup Guide. IIRC he's some high-level engineer at Google, and he's made a great guide to development programs/OS setup. You might not need everything he covers (I don't), but it's a great guide to pick and choose from.

Also, last time I set up my MBP, I made a document of all the setup tweaks I made - if you ever get a new one or do a factory reset, it makes the process of getting it back how you like it a whole lot easier!

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Kim Sean Pusod Author

Yea. I love the trackpad. It just makes me feel comfortable while coding also I can easily get the coffee on my right hand.