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re: Hey Markus! Congrats on your first blog post! Shameless plug, I built a middleware a while ago to help reduce boilerplate especially with async act...

Hey Gabriele,

thanks for the tip. I know middlewares like yours. I used another one in a project recently. Was a real timesaver.

I will checkout yours for sure.


Recommend? Not really. I used redux-promise and redux-action to achieve something like your middleware does.

In small applications it was great (as I think your middleware will be) but in larger scale applications there were cases where the thunks got complicated and I had to get rid of all the middlewares I found and do it from scratch (or with my own middleware in that case)

That's interesting! I used this for a medium/large codebase and we were fine so if you have a minute to bring up a complicated Case that made those middlewares unhelpful that would be great! I'm curious to see if there's a way I can adapt this one too not intricate use cases.

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