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re: Waiting for Edge to come, finally something that would compete with chrome.

You mean now that it'll be running on Chromium and is basically the same thing with different clothes? :(


It will give IE holdouts something to switch to that's easier for Developers. Also the edge chromium has different privacy settings and other neat little account management and UI bells and whistles. I think their intent is to Port over all those unique things from the original Edge. And MS has already committed code back to the original chromium project. It's nice to have the same old blink and V8 engines powering my browser, but the renewed Vigor of a desperate Microsoft developing features. Google has gotten lazy and barely iterated much on Chrome in years, besides consistently implementing new browser standards. Which will now also work perfectly in Edge. It's the best of both worlds


It's a good thing, really. Microsoft never managed to release a decent browser, and they finally realized what's the best thing they can do. It doesn't really reduce the diversity of the ecosystem, as their browsers aren't used that much, simply because they're awful.

Safari is the new Internet Explorer. It's the funky browser that always thinks differently (this is intentional) and wastes your time.

It's not a good thing because this way, Google can increasingly dictate what the Internet should be. And they are.

Things like making Youtube slow on IE are, from one perspective, some kind of necessarily evil to get badly supporting browsers out, but it's also flexing that Google can practically decide what browsers will implement.

Let's say Google creates a new API and uses it on Youtube. Firefox will suddenly look like they're not competing. So what do they do? Include it of course. Youtube for a longer time used the non standardized Shadow DOM v0 API that only Chrome implemented (instead of using the standardized Shadow DOM v1 that everyone else targeted). It made Youtube look sluggish on Firefox but fast on Chrome.

I think all of this is harking right back to Microsoft being nonstandard with IE but people actually pulling it in because it has a high amount of users.

I've come to the conclusion that it's better this way, as long as... it's better. It's a tautology, but il what I want to say is that Edge promised a lot but didn't deliver enough, and Chrome is definitely a better browser - at least Chromium is a better engine.

When Google will start sitting on its success, another contender will probably appear. But, in the meanwhile, Microsoft's engineers have started working on Chromium's codebase. Like, there are literally issues assigned to folks from Microsoft.

So far, so good?

Well, I hope. But even if they get lazy sitting on their success, it will probably take just as long as with IE to get moving out of there again

As much as Google is basically the Internet inc., I don't think it's a good thing developers have to put up with ancient and abandoned browsers. Edge felt like IE 11.1, with partial ES2015 support that was all over the place.

I assume Microsoft can easily put more manpower into their browser than Mozilla, and outdo them, yet they've never done that.

Don't forget that Google is wrapping Chromium to make Chrome and that Chromium is fully open-sourced and is not bound to Google services (maybe some, not sure).

Not really. Even Chromium is full of nasty blobs from Google and telemetry. There are forks out there that attempt to clean up Chromium.

Nice, just found those forks (Bromite, Brave, ungoogled-chromium). What I meant to say is that since Chromium is fully open-source, we can see those pieces of code and remove it.

Will take a look at those forks this week-end :)

Yeah, you're right on that. But forks is honestly not what interests the stark majority of people... And those set the bar with their sheer mass

Their problem until now was that their release cycle didn't allow catching up with Chrome. They could only change Edge during the feature release cycle going half a year or more.

Then they made a change and Google broke the change (happened with Youtube, Google put another transparent Div over everything or something, which broke Edge's hardware acceleration).

They've kinda given up trying to catch up

With that sort of release cycle they had no chance to keep up, and they've asked for their failure.

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