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Martin Ager Adams
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Do you really understand Webpack?

Do you really understand Webpack? If we know the answers to the following questions, it means that we have mastered Webpack. Welcome to give your answers.

Webpack in action

  • What other tools are similar to Webpack
  • Talk about why you chose to use or give up webpack
  • The difference between Loader and Plugin
  • What are the common Loaders? What problems can they solve?
  • What are the common Plugins? What problems can they solve?
  • How to use Webpack to optimize front-end performance
  • How to improve the speed of Webpack's build?
  • How to monitor and analyze the bundle volume?
  • How to configure a single page application? How to configure a multi-page application?
  • How to implement on-demand loading in Vue and React projects?
  • What are the benefits of monorepo projects, and how are they packaged?
  • What is Source Map? How to use the production environment?
  • What is long cache?
  • How to optimize long cache in Webpack?
  • What is the difference between hash chunkhash contenthash in Webpack?

Webpack principle

  • What is the construction process of Webpack?
  • Have you ever written Loader? Describe the idea of ​​writing Loader?
  • Have you ever written Plugin? Describe the idea of ​​writing Plugin?
  • What is the order of inline pre post normal loader execution?
  • What is the principle of Webpack packaging? Talk about babel and abstract syntax tree
  • What is the principle of dev-server? Describe its specific process
  • Please talk about the working principle of DIlPlugin and DllReferencePlugin
  • How is the hot update of Webpack done? Explain its principle?
  • Have you learned about Tree shaking? Talk about its realization principle

Webpack 5

  • What are the new features in Webpack 5
  • The significance of Module Federation in Webpack 5 to the micro front end

Discussion (10)

mikerogers0 profile image
Mike Rogers ✈️

I love Webpack, but it does feel like I'm copying and pasting bits from the web & hoping for the best sometimes.

I think long term I'll move to something like Encore as it has way nicer safety rails.

martinageradams profile image
Martin Ager Adams Author

Then you should really like using Symfony.

mikerogers0 profile image
Mike Rogers ✈️

Hah! I do like what they're doing with Webpack, I'd love to bring it over to the Rails world.

joelbonetr profile image

I used webpack (in fact we have a project that remains with webpack) but we moved to Parcel bundler on the rest of the projects.

sharmakushal profile image
Kushal sharma

can you please explain why you moved your projects into the parcel, what benefits are you getting using parcel

joelbonetr profile image

With parcel you don't have to configure almost anything, it detects what you use inside your project and add necessary packages out of the box

joelbonetr profile image

If you want to know more here's the official webpage and I wrote this article using Parcel bundler. It's even better now than when I wrote the article so you must take a look at it :)

michaeljota profile image
Michael De Abreu

I think we will eventually end as we start, pulling all the modules from an external CDN, and writing only the modules we need to make the app work. Decorators, JSX, Vue Files, all of them will eventually be replaced with native JS again. :P

ikmrgrv profile image
Kumar Gaurav

I scrolled down to see the answers, then refreshed, then hard-refresh.

I guess life is about finding answers yourself. All right then!

pj profile image
Paul Johnson