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Discussion on: Getting Started with Nvidia Jetson Nano, TensorFlow and Smalltalk

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Mariano Martinez Peck Author

For this particular case, I prefer VNC over X11 forwarding. The reasons?

  • In this case, the app (VASmalltalk) runs much faster via VNC than via X11 forward. Yes, even with a good ssh cipher, compression, etc.
  • Sometimes its not just one app I want to run but some menus, or setting or some GUI stuff that I don't know what's the command line program associated to it...So I don't know how to run that from the terminal.
  • Many times I want to take screenshots. If I take a screenshot with my app being render with Quarts on my OSX, its not super clear that that is running a target machine and I am doing X11 forwarding. Instead, if I show a screenshot of the whole OS running on the target (via VNC), its super clear what's happening.

I may have other reasons, but those are the ones on top of my head now. I think that while X11 forwarding is cool, when doing IoT, Edge Computing, SBC, etc... having VNC is a must have.


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Those are some really good reasons.
I'm coming from a "plain" sysadmin background so nothing I work with even has an X-server running (mostly containers anyway), hence I was wondering.

On the command line I usually stick to asciinema (over screen-shotting my terminal), but seeing the whole OS around it to make clear what machine this has to be run on is a good point that I should definitely think of more often myself.

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Mariano Martinez Peck Author

So it seems we agree. The right tool for each problem :)
Thanks for sharing asciinema, I wasn't awareness of it.

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