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Discussion on: Golang through the eyes of a Java developer - pros and cons

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Martin Häusler

Go is a really weird one. I was excited at first, because I'm severely lacking a low-level programming language in my personal portfolio (I can do C if I have to, but I don't like it because it's so blatantly unsafe). But then I tried it and... oh man. The error handling is straight out of the previous millenium (by now, we do have fancy things like, you know, try-catch-finally...) and the language has many awkward choices. Back then when I used it you were still limited to a single GOPATH (I've heard that's different now) and package management (in particular: package version management!) wasn't even close to the reliability and quality I was used to in Maven / Gradle.

My absolute worst experience with Go was when I had to parse some JSON data into a struct, analyze it, update it, and serialize it back. It was such a pain. Oh yeah, and no generics on top.

Go does have some stuff going for it though. Being able to produce an executable for any desired target platform independent of the system you're currently running on is impressive. Build times are quite fast and modularity is built-in from the start. The interface duck-typing is something I can get behind because it's compiler-checked and an interesting approach. And the compiler is really really rigid when it comes to code style - an unused variable is an error. Those things I remember as positives, but overall I'll stay away from it for the time being.