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re: A fairly frequent (though sometimes merely strongly implied) retort is that command line editors can also be very powerful but require much more sk...

Agreed. I am aware that VIM, Emacs and so on can be very powerful in the right hands. However, I have no intention to step into these realms. I'm not the biggest fan of command line interfaces to begin with, and most certainly I do not want to edit my code in those.

However, typing speed is an issue. It is because of laggy typing that I switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ. I wouldn't say that any one is strictly better than the other, but a laggy cursor in a text editor is something that drives me absolutely crazy, so I can understand this criticism to some extent ;)


Ah, I wasn’t referring to lagging/stalling, but rather to a person’s ability to to e.g. type 100 word per minute. Lagging/stalling is indeed an issue for some IDEs, and also for me the reason why I very luch prefer Intellij over Eclipse.

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