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I once heard a quote about being a software architect (sadly I can't recall by whom):

True software architects are developers, and not just any developers, they are the best of the best. You can't become a good architect without being an outstanding developer first. You need to be present at the team, you need to be open, supportive, willing to teach others and never stop improving. That's what being a good software architect is all about.

I could not agree more.


Yeah, the question as well could be "how to become outstanding developer", it was about knowledge and deep understanding. I wasn't able to find better title at the moment of writing.


No worries. My point was only that nobody should start their career as a Software Architect. You start as developer and collect lots of experience first. How to become a good developer... have a project (reading alone will get you nowhere without practice), read all the books you can get your hands on, listen to talks on Youtube, visit conferences and meetups, share your knowledge, have a blog, and bring tons of patience.

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