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Sharing is the key to knowledge

"Hello world!"; this is the title I want to use for my first blog. It is basically used by most programmers today in the world when they try out a new programming language for the first time. Also, the beginning for most, maybe all, successful developers today.

Starting to write a blog for what I am thinking is the last thing I want to do. It is not in my personality to share what my thoughts are about something. Maybe I am scared to know what other people might think about my opinion and suggestions. Some say that they don't give a shit about others' comments about them but not me. I always believe that the things you say and tell about, reflect on who you are. You must be careful and think more than twice before you say something and post outside the social media world. Yeah, you might think then why am I writing today. Honestly, I admire people who share a portion of what they think, have guts to defend and be proud about it. I see it as a huge help for the community to learn new things. For developers, we use Github as a platform and call it "repository". It is open source meaning it is publicly available for everybody to use and modify. This allows developers to contribute to the project and to the community.

Yes, I agree that not all that we experience are good or bad; right or wrong. We all have our own preferences on solving problems and our own ways of handling them. I also believe that starting what you have never done before makes you brave enough and conquer your fear. Letting other people voice out their comments on you helps you to learn and build who you are. Reading, as well as writing makes your mind active about what others believe.

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