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Discussion on: How I chose my Code Editor

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Sylvain Marty

Very interesting article, I've never thought about which code editor I prefer. In fact, I never stopped changing code editor because I change technology all the time !

I use IntelliJ in my current job because we are working with Spring MVC. It's a very cool IDE and I use it in my personnal project which use Java in backend. It's fast, simple and practical for developers.

But (yes, there is a but), I use Sublime Text to write Velocity code (template engine).

For my personal projects where the logic is writen with NodeJS, I use mostly Atom and VCS when I work with VueJS.

For the sysadmin part, I use nano because it's simple, fast and the shortcut are displayed natively (sorry Vim, I tried but I loose...).

So, I am not restricting myself with code editor that I prefer, I use the most adapted IDE for the situation ! :)

EDIT : some typos here and there...