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Matt Martz
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What is an AWS Community Builder?

On July 30, 2020 AWS announced a new AWS Community Builders Program. I applied and in October 2020 I was accepted into the program!

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It's a pretty neat opportunity to work more closely with AWS experts, gain early access to new features and beta test some cloud-related content... all while developing my own professional skillset and technical writing (so you'll be seeing a lot more blog posts from me over the next year).

AWS Community Builders are organized around "topic" areas. I was invited to focus on the devtools topic... which is perfect because I ♥️ CDK. I'll also be keeping close tabs on the Serverless and Machine Learning topics.

Sign-ups are closed for the moment, but you can sign up for notifications when you can apply here:

If you have any topics you'd be interested in a blog post about (particularly around CDK/Devtools, Serverless or Machine Learning) OR have any questions about the program... Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks for writing this. I am in the process of applying and want to learn more about the ML program. This is one of the tracks which interests me.