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Discussion on: Crafting Better Code Reviews

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Maybe it's because my office deals with safety critical code, but we do pretty thorough code reviews. 5 - 7 people are invited to the reviews, and given a minimum of 3 days to submit comments; we have our own customized tool for managing all of this. The 1 main thing I found that helped to make the reviews more effective was to limit the size of the code being reviewed: no more than 400 pines of code. Peer reviews are difficult, and draining on the reviewers. Thus, we need to keep them short, so the reviewers can maintain a solid focus on the entirety of the material being reviewed.

I think it also helps that doing peer reviews is ingrained in our office culture. Everyone does them, both as author and as reviewer. Thus, everyone knows that issues found during a code review are a good thing, and not an indictment on the programmer.

I really liked this post. I'm going to comb through it again when I get back to the office, and see what we can do to make our peer reviews even better.