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Moving away from Umbraco Cloud

This is a note to myself on how to move a site away from Umbraco cloud. I thought it might be useful for others, so I made it into a post

Cloning the environment from Umbraco Cloud

Clone down the environment with the content and code you want, to your local machine. Do a restore when you spin up the site locally - this will give you all the data, content and media.

NOTE: if you wish to have the database in SQL Server instead of SQL CE you need to set the connection string before you spin the site up the first time.

An alternative way to move content

On some older solutions I have experienced issues with restoring from Umbraco Cloud. Instead of troubleshooting to fix the issue(s), I found it easier to connect directly to the SQL database and do a database export. Afterwards I can import the database to wherever I need to place it.

You find the SQL connection details in the Umbraco Cloud Portal. Make sure to add your IP address to the SQL Azure firewall (also from the portal).

Removing Umbraco Cloud settings

After getting all your data, content and media you are now ready to remove all settings related to Umbraco Cloud.

Cleaning your configs

Start by removing the Deploy reference in web.config:

  <environments configSource="config\UmbracoDeploy.config"/>
  <settings configSource="config\UmbracoDeploy.Settings.config"/>
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Removing Cloud specific files

The following Umbraco Deploy related files needs to be removed:

  • Config/UmbracoDeploy.config
  • Config/UmbracoDeploy.Settings.config
  • bin/Umbraco.Deploy.Cloud.dll
  • bin/Umbraco.Deploy.Contrib.Connectors.dll
  • bin/Umbraco.Deploy.dll
  • bin/Umbraco.Deploy.Forms.dll
  • bin/Umbraco.Deploy.UI.dll
  • The /Deploy folder in App_Plugins

If you are running Umbraco 7, you also need to remove the Deploy section in the Dashboard.config file

<section alias="Deploy">
  <tab caption="Your workspace">
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A note on Umbraco Forms

If you want to continue using Umbraco Forms outside of Umbraco Cloud, you need to purchase a license.

The forms license file needs to be placed in

<add key="UmbracoLicensesDirectory" value="~/App_Plugins/UmbracoLicenses/" />
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Unless you change this.

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