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Discussion on: Why I started using dual-licensing for Vue tables 2

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Matanya Author

Thank you for your reply.

As for your question, priority support means that a subscribed user issue will be bumped up to the head of the queue and dealt with ASAP. If it's a bug report or a question I'll do my best to resolve the issue within 48 hours. As for feature requests, it really depends on size and complexity, and on the total number of subscribed users, but again, subscribed users FR will take priority.

As for MD looks, I've just released version 2 - currently in beta - under the next tag in npm. It allows the user to construct his own UI, without exposing all the underlying functionality, thus creating a separation of concerns between the data layer and the UI. Moreover, the user can swap single components without messing with the rest of the table. You can read more about it here: