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The 6 VSCode Extensions I couldn't live without

The geniuses behind VSCode can't think of everything, so it's absolutely wonderful that any programmer with a great idea can create an extension that we can all benefit from. We all have our favorites, and these are mine.

  • Fold Plus

    • What: Allows you to collapse every nested block of code
    • Why: Collapsing all your code blocks makes your code so much easier to understand
    • How much: Free
  • Git Graph

    • What: A visualization of your git history
    • Why: Your git history is confusing as fuck, admit it
    • How much: Free
  • Monokai Pro

    • What: Color scheme for code
    • Why: It's just how code should be colored. Prove me wrong.
    • How much: Free evaluation copy, then €9.95 to buy it (I did. It's worth it)
  • Rainbow Brackets

    • What: Colors opening and closing bracket pairs the same color
    • Why: Makes it 1000 times easier to understand which opening and closing brackets are paired because they are the same color
    • How much: Free
  • Prettier Code Formatter

    • What: It formats and indents your code so it's much easier to parse
    • Why: It's much easier than trying to understand a giant block of spaghetti code.
    • How much: Free
  • Spell Right

    • What: A spellchecker for VSCode
    • Why: You're still lousy at spelling and need a spellchecker
    • How much: Free

Those are my favey-faves, what are yours? Please add them in the comments below, I am always hungry for a new clever extension to make writing code easier!

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