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Discussion on: Living with Impostor Syndrome

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Thank you very much for the timely article, Dave. Over the past couple of weeks, I have begun to see the impact Imposter Syndrome has had on my career so far - and have resolved to lessen that negativity.

I think many of us have felt this way but not verbalised or categorised it before. As a widely self-taught industry, the self-doubt must be pervasive.

One of the biggest improvements I've found has come from truly reflecting on the fact others feel this way too, and the intensity or appearance of these feelings are in no way correlated to actual, objective achievement.

As 'Imposter Syndrome' tends to have a very lonely and isolated edge to it (in order to keep all that deceit under wraps!), I can't help but feel the best way we can turn it to a positive, and lessen the damage, is as a community. We know how we're feeling, and many of us are feeling it. We can't all be right. We probably feel inferior to someone who in turn is feeling inferior to us.

It is also a good reminder not to trust our thoughts without judgement. Thoughts != truth.

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Dave Cridland Author

I think I agree with you.

So maybe I don't.

Damn, this stuff is hard.