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Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson

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You say you want a [web development] revolution?

For too long now web development has trundled along, leaving a bunch of disenfranchised creative people clinging to various "communities". People who thought they were getting involved in something exciting, something where they could express their creativity, only to left dead in a ditch by "big tech" companies. Don't fear! Like the Yo-Yo, things come back around. At Stellisoft, we're starting the Indie Developer fight back.

One of, if not the, major problem with web development is the disparate nature of it these days. Do you use Vue? React? Preact? Angular? Alpine? Coconut? Sausage? Pineapple? What does it matter? It's what you're actually developing that matters surely? You could spend your entire life following the development of libraries and frameworks, buying T-shirts, attending events and wind up building nothing of any worth whatsoever.

I'm not levelling all the blame at the easily lead souls that do this. I understand, I've found myself doing it more than once. Effective marketing is a powerful tool. However, if anything interesting is going to happen in the sphere of web development ever again, we need to take a step back and start to find our way out of the rabbit hole.

I've built the foundations of a platform that removes the vice of becoming obsessed with extra-curricular programming activities and focuses exclusively on development. We're launching on Product Hunt today. I hope you come and find us and not just follow what we're doing, but get involved! It won't be a revolution without you.

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