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Discussion on: 2020 Trends in Technology Workforce(so far)

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Matthew Schwartz

I would refuse to work for a company that performs that level of employee tracking. I'm senior enough where I would have that freedom to choose. I do not want to work for a company that does not trust the people they hire.

I'm a manager. What matters to me is that work gets done. If I assign work and projects are complete on schedule I don't care if you play video games the rest of the week. It's my job to use my team's time efficiently and fill it with the appropriate amount of work. If I don't get the results I expect then I know something is wrong. I don't need (or want) cameras and keyboard loggers to check my developers are coding.

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Shawn Humphreys Author

Spot on! Trust your employees and there wouldn't be a need to monitor your employees.