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Options for Minimal CSS

In search of modern CSS libraries useful as a starting point. I'm less interested in an actual CSS framework, because in my experience years ago, the frameworks are generally bloated, difficult to troubleshoot, and sometimes tricky to override reliably without using !important.

Normaliz was always my normal go-to (after roaming through various css resets) when I want to start with "nothing". As far as I can see right now, nothing better has come along, and normalize.css is apparently still quite sufficient.

PureCSS has a relatively small footprint, when compared with other CSS frameworks. Based on normalize.css. 3.7kb gzipped.

Milligram. I can't quickly form a significant opinion on it, but it's worth looking at. Also based on normalize.css. 2kb gzipped.

Mini.css is clearly interesting. Exciting actually. Build your flavor gives us the default values and opportunity to change them before downloading a custom "flavor".

Skeleton CSS. Boilerplate, so it says in the tagline.

Bulma definitely doesn't count as minimal, but I'm inclined to give it a closer look when I get a chance.

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