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How to get along with coworkers

Our productivity and enjoyment both increase if we have a good surrounding environment which includes cleanliness, a peaceful environment and friends. Many of us easily make friends and some of us want to but they are not confident enough to even throw a gentle smile.

This article is about how to get along with your coworkers. It's fun having our own group where we can share ideas, happiness, sadness and gossips.

So here are some tips from me to easily make a good relation with coworkers.

1. Throw a Smile
Smile holds humongous power, Don't be shy. You can at least throw a smile to your coworkers, your lead, your juniors. It will also make them comfortable with you and it keeps your interaction positive.
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2. Greet them!
The greeting is too formal! But yes it helps to start a good conversation. Like, you go to your office and your colleague is sitting next to you and you have anything to discuss but don't know how to start. Just say, Good morning {his/her name}, and when he/she greets back, say that have you heard of this news or whatever you want to discuss. Also, let him/her share anything and listen to it.
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3. Respect
How can you show some respect to someone?
Well, just listen to your coworkers, what they are going through, which issues they are not able to resolve or what else. Discuss them when you next time you meet them.
Is that respect? => yes, it is.
We all feel good if there is someone who actually listens to us. And sometimes we also have a suggestion/solution which can help someone.
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4. Know about each other
You will have a healthy discussion if you both are on the same page of something, so find out the same hobbies or interests and discuss them. Like if you both are interested in reading books, talk about it. Give and follow suggestions and you might end up knowing more about your interested area. It can be anything music, sports, computer-game etc.
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5. Tea break
This is very important, Ask your coworker/s to go with you on tea breaks and have a healthy discussion over the break.
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