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How to promote your Blog on Social Media?

Blogs have become a part of the creative lives of almost all aspiring writers in today's world. Most of the people start a blog of their own and earn money online. But, it is important to make sure that those are ready, worthy audiences who can admire the writing process of the individual.

This is done by promoting the blog on various social media sites to gain more and more recognition.

Before moving to different ways of blog promotion, one should understand what it is. Promoting a blog on media is making it visible to more and more people in order to engage audiences. And when it comes to forms of media, what better means than social media itself.

Promoting a blog on social media doesn't always involve spending huge bucks on advertising and going about paying a lot to various individuals or firms in order to get recognition for your blog.

By adopting certain smart ways, it becomes extremely easy to promote your new blog via means of various social networking platforms to gain a huge number of readers for the blog.

Top 10 ways to promote your Blog on Social Media Channels

Here are some of the top ways you can opt to promote your blog on social media networking channels.

1. Integrating Social Networking Platforms

Social media is the most actively used form of media in today's times. Therefore it is extremely important to integrate social media with the blog.

This can be easily done by adding share buttons for various popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But this comes with caution if too many buttons are used it may end up backfiring. Thus, the most popular platforms should only be there.

2. The Right Content and Formatting

For any blog, the most iconic feature is the content and the formatting which is used in it. The right ones can attract huge audiences, and a slight aberration can cause undesired outcomes.

Therefore the content, the images, the formatting should be relatable and attractive.

3. Building Relationship with Other Bloggers

A blogger needs to have strong positive relationships with other bloggers. This helps in more aspects than one can imagine. The positive relations with other bloggers means that there would be more readers for that particular blogger via means of other bloggers.

There would be more people who'd admire the work. This, in turn, would make them share and promote the blogs which are curated by other bloggers making it a collective effort.

4. Being part of Communities

Blogging communities are great means of being aware of the interests and likes of readers. It is also important to read, appreciate, and share the works of other bloggers. But the most important aspect of blogging communities is the recognition which one's blog can have.

It is important that it's a collective effort, and just promoting one's blog isn't the only thing that should be done. It should be taken up as a family where all are for one, and one is for all.

5. WordPress Automation

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the online world. Hence, the chances are that most bloggers build their blog with WordPress. You can even optimize your new blog by using various WordPress SEO Plugins like RankMath, W3 Total Cache etc.

WordPress has a feature wherein one can enable and schedule the post with your social media accounts linked to the blog. This makes it possible for the post to be shared on the accounts of the blogger so that the ones who are connected can view the blog.

6. Sharing your Blog with various groups

This happens to be one method that has been most prevalent over the years. We all are part of more than one large social media groups, be it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The blog should be shared with as many groups as possible so that more and more people view it and share it further.

7. Sharing Glimpse of the Blog

Whenever sharing your blog on various platforms, make sure not to share the complete blog. This means, if only a glimpse of the blog is visible, the chances are that the reader will click on the link to read the complete piece.

This increases the number of visitors on the blog, and they tend to explore other posts as well.

8. Sending Emails and Subscriptions

Often there is an option at the end of the blog to subscribe and receive email notifications. This can turn out to be an extremely effective means of promoting one's blog since the e-mail can remind the individuals about new posts and the readers become loyal ones.

You can send email newsletters to your customers using various email marketing software. The only prerequisite is that the content should good enough for an individual to subscribe.

9. Social Bookmarking

This is one method that has been used extensively, making it slightly obsolete. Nevertheless, social bookmarking has been very effective on platforms like Reddit.

The active members on such platforms make it a hotspot to bookmark one's blog on that platform. The resultant audience can be overwhelming at times.

10. Re-share Old Post

One shouldn't forget that the old posts are equally important in a blog. Therefore the old posts should be mentioned and shared so that more and more readers appreciate and read those as well.

The content, if gripping and interesting, is sure to draw more and more readers, and based on old posts, newer posts would benefit. This would, in turn, benefit the whole blog, further the blogger.

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