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Discussion on: Finally switching to vim

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Massimo Artizzu

If you really take the time to learn it, it can make you more productive in the long term.

Huh, I've heard that. As nauseam.

But guess what? I actually know hardcore Vim users. And while they're usually quite productive indeed, I can't say they're more than me... and they can't either. (The opposite holds too, by the way.)

The point is that your tools can increase your productivity that much, the rest is up to you and how good you are.

And I'm fine with VS Code and my multi cursor-fu.

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Peter Gundel Author

It's about your personal productivity, not about the comparison with others. So if vim isn't a fit for you, it's fine. It does not mean that this also accounts for others ;) I for my part can just say that it was worth it :)