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Become a Python Web Developer in 2022

Based on the learning path bellow we train interns and staff to become Python Web Developers. The path is getting constantly updated due to new feedback and new upcoming technologies.

To kick off your learning experience a fundamental knowledge of Python will be required. Beginning with the basic program, the learning path focuses on improving knowledge in code and data in the first couple of months. Later during the advanced program Django will be introduced as a main web framework.

Basics (Existing knowledge):

  • Python Beginner

Basic Program Code (1-2 months):

  • Git
  • Pycharm
  • Standardized Projekt Structure
  • Project Planing and Documentation
  • Python Associate
  • API Beginner

Basic Program Data (1-2 months):

  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • API Associate
  • ETL

Advanced Program Web Development 1 (2-4 months):

  • Django Beginner, e.g.
    • MVT
    • Django Forms
    • Django Models
  • Docker Beginner
  • Bash CLI
  • Unit Testing
  • Frontend: HTML/CSS/JS

Advanced Program Web Development 2 (6-12 months):

  • Django Associate, e.g.
    • Django Admin
    • Django Annotations
  • Azure Cloud Beginner
  • DevOps (Staff only)

Advanced Program Web Development 3 (12-24 months):

  • Azure Cloud Associate
  • Dagster
  • Data Warehouse, with dbt
  • Frontend Frameworks
  • Kubernetes

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