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Mayank Pathak
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How to generate RSS Feed for your Blogger/Website

Hey there👋, I am writing this article to show how we can generate the RSS Feed and its URL for the website or the Blog.

This RSS Feed URL can be merged on your website to show the list of all the posts of your Blog/website to the visiting audience, Also using it you can import your posts from the Blogger to the different platforms and then publish them.

The RSS Feed URL for your blog can be written as "yourwebsitedoamain/rss.xml", For example the RSS Feed URL for my website is "" , This will clear your doubts and You can check your RSS feed by typing your website name and then adding /rss.xml on any search bar.

If you don't have your RSS Feed URL then you can create it by visiting any RSS Feed generator. In this article I will be using the Google Feedburner to generate the RSS Feed for the website/blog.

Follow steps to generate RSS Feed URL

  1. Visit Feedburner to generate the RSS Feed.
  2. Paste your website URL inside the box named as Burn a feed right this instant and click next.Alt Text
  3. Select the first option from the sources list to use it as your feed address and click next, as shown in the image.Alt Text
  4. After that click next on all the pages that appear and don't forget to tick all the checkboxes.
  5. This way you will have successfully generated your RSS Feed, Now click on the icon that is available at the left upper corner. This will show up the posts that you have written in the Blogger.Alt Text
  6. Congrats🎉🎉❗ ,Now you have the RSS Feed URL for your website/blog. Now the next step is to copy the URL of this page as shown in the image below.Alt Text
  7. Finally, Paste the Copied URL in Post feed redirect URL and do not forget to save the setting.Alt Text

Now you can visit this URL and you will be able to find all the posts that you have written on the Blogger or the Website.
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