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Discussion on: Debate: Symfony VS Laravel

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Mazen Touati • Edited on

Indeed, I've checked again and there's some free courses and previews. What got me that is not obvious when you check the current website and FAQ. It clearly state that it's subscription based.

Could you clarify how the FAQ I quoted says there's a free content? here's another quotation from Laracast's FAQ

How much is Laracasts, and what do you offer?

Laracasts follows a subscription model. $15 a month gives you access to the entire catalog of videos, as well as all new content that is released each month.

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Nathan Heffley

The first FAQ you linked asks "is there any free content?" and the answer is "Of course!" aka "yes, there is free content."

It then says that the author wishes ALL the content could be free, but he charges for some of it because he needs to pay the bills.

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Mazen Touati

Cool! Thanks for the clarification. I thought that 'Of course!' was part of his wish.