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Discussion on: Am I a good developer?

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Mourad Bougarne • Edited on

Stop comparing yourself with others, each of us has it's circumstances, and a lack of knowledge doesn't mean you're behind someone else. I'm a self-taught developer, when I started it was just about how to write code and make it work, I wasn't care about what's going on? How the things wokrs out there nor why to use this over that? I was hungry of knowledge and learning, I was pushing myself to know a lot of things at once, but in the end I didn't catch any, so I stopped and I decided that I must go with what/where I found myself. I stacked with JavaScript, Vue using Nuxt in Front-end and Express in Back-end, PHP using Laravel. I have 4 years of experience as a professional developer but just two years as a full stack since I started with web design.

  • In design patterns I use just: Repository, Factory, Adapter and Singleton.
  • Testing: I just know and work with Unit Testing in PHP, I started playing with Jest in JS.

You're not behind anyone, in contrary what I see is that you have a passion a lot of it which makes you hungry to know more and seeking knowledge BUT don't let it put you down or make you feel that you are less or behind the others.

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Jefferson Matheus Author

So, this is like a daily battle with myself. I don't know where this feeling of competitiveness came from, so without realizing it I'm comparing myself to the others like we were in a race or something like that. But you're completely right when you talk about passion and it reminds me when I was learning how to code and enjoyed every line I typed, maybe I missed something about this passion during my career and should focus more getting this passion back and feel happy for being able to build something with the lines of code I typed.

Thanks for your comment :)