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I landed my first development job in 2004. I worked as a frontend dev at Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics on a 6 month Co-op. I attended Northeastern University, where they have a cooperative education model. Internships are a core part of the learning process there and students are encouraged to go out on 3 6-month Co-ops during your 5 years in school.

My first job after college was as a frontend dev with Sapient in their interactive group. The only other job I was interested in was a Usability position at Fidelity. Sapient had a direct from college hiring program. They invited 20+ students in for an entire weekend of interviews and group problem-solving challenges. The other students in my cohort were interviewing for jobs in programming and project management. When I was in my Junior year I read an HBR case study that had been written on Sapient and was very excited about working for them. After I landed the job I quickly became disillusioned with working at a large technology consulting firm.

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