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Discussion on: Need Feedback

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Matt Curcio

Nice site! good work.

  1. I have to agree with James on the bouncing/strobing/sickening animations but otherwise it looks great.
  2. I noticed that the 'Check more` pointing finger button does not lead anywhere. Is that your intention?
  3. I tried the contact icons on the bottom right. They seemed to take a few hits to work but that could have been my connection.
  4. The movie is a little intense too.

Overall, Good work!

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Bhavuk Sagar Author

I really appreciate your feedback and thank you so much.

  1. Yeah your right "Check More" button is not lead anywhere because that webpage is under development phase.
  2. Actually Bottom right button have hover property. So i think thats your network issue.

Once again thank you so much for giving your time.