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Discussion on: Why Do Companies Ask For Passion?

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Matt Curcio

Coming from the biotech/science industry, people do not ask about 'your passion.' To many, that would be a ridiculous question. When I first heard this discussion, I became cynical about its use. But then I thought back to other interviews I have played a part in. Those questions were only slightly different. The questions I have come across (in my career) seem more pointed than the vague and blunt tool about your passion.

In the conservative world of biotech, people ask 'what are your interests' or 'why do you study x?' From there, people infer what is important to you. To me, that seems more direct than asking about your 'passion quotient'. The idea (at least in my tiny mind) is that there is/could be a certain amount of enthusiasm in our work and that enthusiasm should be born out to some degree.

Another question that I have come across that interested me was, "Would you consider yourself ambitious?" That seems to cut right to the heart of the matter more than this vague passion term. I guess one could even extrapolate this line of thinking to "What are your future plans?" Isn't that more attune to what you really want in your life, be it your personal and professional life?

To me, the term and question regarding passion is just another poor rewording of the same questions that have been around for a long time.