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New Features on 19th March

We've just completed Sprint 75 and here's the start of many posts that will document shiny new stuff from our weekly deployments (hopefully these can become more frequent, but policies are policies!):

Here's what's new this time:


New section header in resume analysis

If you've been using our new resume analyzer feature (powered by JobScan), you'd notice that we have a new section to provide work experience recommendations for your uploaded resumes.

Check Resume modal showing Experience section header

If you haven't been, why haven't you?

Updated UI for nudges

Our sister team had also worked on some of the digital nudges that we've had from a few deployments ago, adding a Learn More button and making it arguably more user-friendly than before by having both a mobile and desktop version:

Mobile view of nudges
Desktop view of nudges

Bugs Fixed

  1. When all skills in the skills box are deleted, the nudge box no longer disappears.

Till next time! Got feedback/flames/feature requests? Drop us a note in the comments section and we'll get back to you-

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