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What characteristics (if any) do you think describe apps for which React isn't suitable? I'm guessing particularly small/simple apps wouldn't benefit, but does anything else come to mind?

  • Apps where hundreds of things on the page constantly update at the same time over a very small interval. For example stock trading apps. You don’t need the expressiveness provided by React for most such apps, and optimized templates (e.g. Angular AOT, Glimmer) will be faster for these use cases because they skip the component abstraction.

  • Primarily static websites. However that really depends on how you use React. For example we actually do find it very helpful for the (mostly static) website but we can do this because we use it through Gatsby which generates a static website from React components. This is very different from just adding using client-rendered React components for everything.

  • Embedded widgets. By nature they’re supposed to be as tiny as possible, and there isn’t much of an “application” in them anyway. I guess you could use something like Preact but perhaps plain JS or something like Svelte would still be best for these cases.

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