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In my country there's a saying which roughly translates to "In this country, if you don't have a job , is because you don't want one".

You might track the origin of this saying to another time where this country was well placed in the world ranking, when there was actual prosperity, and when it served as a place where people from poorer countries or countries at war could go to start a new life filled with oportunities.

Of course that time has passed a very very long time ago, but the idea that having a job is a matter of choice remains, even when you can see hard evidence on the contrary everywhere. It's pretty mind boggling.

I see this type of comments coming often either from "older generations" or from people who was born in homes where everything was provided to them, and they didn't have to actually climb the ladder of reality to arrive to their current position, but they feel equally justified to gatekeep their "struggle" from their place of privilege. It's a kind of inferiority complex I think. It's very sad.


It's definitely similar here in America. I try to force myself to go easy on older generations by reminding myself that they went through their own struggles to get where they are. However, they never dismantled the systems that oppress the young. Here, instead, they dismantled systems intended to help the young, as soon as they got comfortable and no longer needed them. I just can't feel much sympathy for people who don't regret—or even acknowledge—that that happened.

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