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Many functional languages enforce usage of exactly the types a function needs with no implicit casting which makes it harder to make mistakes. I work in the .NET world and love F#. I heard that one team moved their business application from C# to F# and for 6 months got no bug report of any kind. That's how powerful FP can be.


I've heard similar stories.

The pushback I get from seasoned C# devs is that they don't know F# and FP. Or rather they don't want to invest in another language (let alone paradigm).

I've seen this before when VB/VB.NET developers didn't want to learn C# back 10yrs ago. Though this time around is more than just syntax.

I believe as more C#/OOP devs see FP/F#'s power, they will convert. I'm one of them. I've seen the light, and it's good.

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