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Discussion on: Why is the software industry so competitive?

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Biggest contributors include but are not limited to:

Current time period

Information & content overflow/outburst

Conglomerate incentives toward 'money for nothing'

Decline/Debunk of Moore's Law

Increasing cultural phenomenon promoting psychosomatic isolation of one's self ;

  • regardless of innate humane necessity to connect with one another.

Absolute increase in information has failed to produced a single thread of intel regarding 'true' innate existential necessities. (Meaning, none of the bs which has been put out there for public consumption is actually relevant to our basic, most primal questions/sense of self).

There is an entertainment factor which plays a fundamental role here as well:

"Given that the current outburst of information keeps us constantly "busy", the entertainment factor has surpassed relevance" > this, in turn, outcomes a byproduct which surpasses the one' previously established when language and semantics constraint imagination > the end result is: an ever-growing, hyper-speculative, ungrounded notion of 'time'.
That which matters today, is merely a reflection of our current over-reliance upon our present necessities with an increasing disregard for individuals within the collective (or, soceity as whole).

Competition is encouraged, however, the concept in itself is rooted upon a certain 'time constraint' and our necessity to compare ourselves to other.

Given humanity's lacking "frame of reference" regarding itself, such competition is misunderstood.

Regarding the whole "health aspect" of it all, i can merely ask you to:
"stop and literally take a look around your environment" <<< it'll answer itself in a nanosecond.