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Top 5 Angular videos from March, 2021


Here's our most recent top 5 Angular video roundup from last month, with topics like migrating from Angular 10 to 11, using advanced Angular patterns, microfrontends, building better apps and making it easier to begin using Angular.

You can either check it out here or choose your favorites below.

Migrate from Angular 10 to Angular 11

Learn how to migrate Angular applications from version 10 to version 11 and also look what is new in Angular 11 in this video.

Advanced Angular​ Patterns – ForRoot & ForChild

In this video tutorial​ we will have a look at an advanced Angular design pattern – forRoot() / forChild(). We will see what kind of problems it used to solve many years ago and how we can use it today in order to configure Angular modules. Besides this we will have a look at source code of Angular and check how Angular team used this pattern for RouterModule.

Federated Angular: Micro frontends with module federation

We probably don’t have to introduce Manfred Steyer. He recently answered a bunch of interesting questions about micro frontends and module federation with Angular. Check it out!

Electronify your Angular app!

Aristeidis is a Front End Web Developer that works for Plex-Earth and specializes in the Angular framework. He is a Google Developer Expert for Angular and an Angular Senior Tech Instructor for Code. His presentation will show you how to increase your Angular app’s efficiency.

Lowering the barrier of entry to Angular with Tracy Lee

From time to time, Angular happens to be criticized for having a higher level of entry compared to similar technologies. In her presentation, Tracy Lee explains how to make things much easier for people who are planning to use Angular.

Hope you'll like it.


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