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TypeScript videos from February

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Here's our TypeScript roundup, covering the most relevant TS videos from February. You can either read our article or scroll through the videos and pick your favorites below.

Mastering TypeScript state management using just React | Jack Herrington

Continuing on with Typescript we are starting a series on React state management where we take the same To-Do list and implement it using a bunch of different state managers. And to kick that off we are looking at using just the React basics to start; useState, useContext and createContext.


Build a Glassmorphism React component – TypeScript & Material-UI

In this video Arjan explains how to create a customizable glassmorphism React component. Glassmorphism is a visual design for glass-like surfaces in user interfaces. Next to showing how to build a glassmorphic element in React, he also shows you how to manipulate the style through properties, and how to use the useStyles hook from the Material-UI library to create fully customizable styles. Finally, Arjan adds a few nice motion effects to finish the example and give it that sheen that every user desires!


How to configure TypeScript in NodeJS

In this video you will learn how to configure TypeScript in NodeJS and express API.


UseContext & UseReducer with TypeScript = No more Redux!

This video will show you an effective pattern to make sure you no longer have to fight with types and Redux!


Starting with TypeScript in Cypress | Filip Hric is a JS-based front end testing tool aiming to make the lives of QA engineers much easier. And, guess what: it also works with TypeScript. Learn how!


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