Hi, I'm Gábor Nádai but you can call me Mefi!

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I have been coding for over 10 years.

You can find me on Twitter as @mefiblogger, or you could read my blog (careful, it's in Hungarian!) or see my photos on Flickr and Instagram.

I live in Budapest, but I love to travel inside and outside of Hungary as well.

I work for ingatlan.com, which is Hungary's number one real estate listing portal.

I mostly program in these languages: PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS.

I am currently learning more about leadership and managing teams efficiently.

I have two siamese cats (Saci and Kázmér) and two goldfish (Mrs. Wallace and Mr. Vega).

Nice to meet you! :)

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Gábor Nádai


Leader of dev team at ingatlan.com, butler of two siamese cats, web enthusiast. Hobbies include gastronomy, drinking wine, exploring hidden gems in Budapest and traveling around the globe.


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