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A list of useful Azure tools

Recently I have started playing with Azure/Powershell scripts. Here is a collection of tools ready to use:

All the scripts are distributed through Sparrow - script management platform written on Perl.

You can use these scripts on both Windows/Linux platform.

Every script has a unified way to install and run, just $ sparrow plg install $plugin-name to install, and $ sparrow plg run $plugin-name --param key=value --param key2=value2 to run.

You can memorize scripts configurations by creating tasks:

$ sparrow project create azure-scripts
$ sparrow task add azure-scripts $task-name $plugin-name
$ sparrow task ini azure-scripts $task-name $plugin-name
$ sparrow task run azure-scripts $task-name $plugin-name

I am going to add more scripts soon.

Thank you for reading and let me know if the scripts are useful.

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Rafal Pienkowski

Nice tools.

It's worth to mention that nowadays Powershell Core is available on Linux platform too. Link.

BTW I advise using Azure CLI in case of work with Azure. It's cross plaform tool for work with Azure. I'm using it both on Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows machines. Link

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Alexey Melezhik

Thanks Rafal. Some of the plugins use az cli underneath. It's just a matter of convenience. Sometimes it's ok to use az cli, sometimes I need some missing features presented at Powershell DSL.

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Rafal Pienkowski

Thas’s true.

Here is a post you might want to check out:

Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

Sorry for the callout πŸ˜†