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Discussion on: Rate my resume out of 10.

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Melissa Miley • Edited

Dying to add my 2 cents...
Visually, very nice.
Now that the technical advice has been given, let's clean up that English, shall we? :-)
BTW, In the US, as mentioned, a picture is just a way for people to discriminate against you (age, race, gender--it happens) so don't give them a chance.

I wanted to add some thoughts on the subject of proofreading--grammar, punctuation, etc. Some people don't notice, but the people who do will definitely hold it against you.

• In your "About Me" section, check your capitalization; is it "Full Stack" or "full stack?"
Be consistent.
• Next, remove "good" and keep "designing quality websites." It reads much better.
• "Doing" freelancing was mentioned earlier, but it bears repeating.
• In the next sentence, put a comma between "design" and "as."
• There are a few ways to clean up the next sentence, depending on what you're really trying to say. My best guess:
"I've worked with many teams of developers and have excellent verbal communication skills."
• I would also consider an exclamation point at the end of the last sentence to convey your enthusiasm, but it's definitely optional.
"Let's design something unique and appealing!"
• I know someone mentioned the "2 months" thing, but to be sure, generally a Month/Year - Month/Year is standard. However, if it makes you look like you have less experience, forget it. You may even want to get creative about it and add the dates for other projects you worked on, even if they weren't paid projects. I have also heard it advised many times that if you don't have a whole lot of work history, it's fine to play up your education and even put it first.
• Is "Frontend" one word? The ATS will not pick up Frontend if it should be Front End.
• In your description of Insta Video Downloader, remove the apostrophe so it reads "its URL." Usually, apostrophes show ownership, but English is stupid, so here, "it's" a contraction meaning "it is."
• I don't necessarily think you have to get rid of the third project if you just remove the word CBD or get more creative with the description.
Hope that helps. Now you can "Grammar & Punctuation Master" to your skills!

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Thank you very much Melissa :)
I really love when people write reviews about things I make! I will improve my resume but my english definitely needs to be improved after this.
Thank you again :)