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An Introduction

Melodic Development

In the year 2001, I began work as a web application developer at an industrial equipment company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The only experience I had before getting the job was working with Dreamweaver and Flash to create a simple website for my college rock band. I’m not sure how I fooled them into hiring me (actually I do, but that is another story…), however this started me on the path of becoming the Senior Software Engineer that I am today.

The first language I taught myself was PHP, and after that moved very quickly onto HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I’ve also worked extensively with C#, done a little python, worked with Node, and a whole bunch of other languages. I’ve worked with more frameworks and libraries over the years than I can remember. Lately I’m heavily invested in Angular and AngularJS, but I have a lot of interest in Vue and React as well.

I’ve always loved teaching myself new things, and I enjoy being presented with problems that need to be solved. I’ve been able to work on a myriad of different software solutions over the years. Planned maintenance software for industial equipment, completely custom CRM systems, employee performance systems built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (as well as a pile of other custom CRM based solutions), and now that I work for an educational company I work on classroom based software solutions like curriculum and assessment.

A key interest of mine has always been understanding how things work, and teaching myself the newest technology with whatever spare time I can come up with. I’m a married man with six kids so that spare time is hard to come by, but when I can get it I like to spend it learning and trying to grow my abilities.

I’m also a fan of music. I love to write and record music. Writing music and sharing it with people I find has a similar effect to making software. I love to be creative and make something that I can share with others in order to help them with something they are facing, or working through. This is where I got the idea for Melodic Development. I want to learn, create, and share as much as I can to help other developers who are also just trying to learn and become better at what they do.

I hope that what I share can be of use to anyone looking to learn along with me.

NOTE: This was originally posted on Medium a while back. Trying to get something rolling (again).

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