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Discussion on: Don't sell yourself short

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Rémi Mercier Author

Ah yes, this is something a lot of programmers/developers struggle with I've noticed.

Highly technical, but complete noobs when it comes to show the value they create.

You are a business man and you try to sell. The employer is the customer try to find what he wants and sell it to him.

I agree with this up to a point. It's a good starting point and can lead you to make more money, gain more liberty, etc. Then, this commoditization of yourself also has its side effects. It reinforces the already despicable zeitgeist that people are spare parts that need to be squeezed out their last drop.

Another super interesting topic to write about!

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Dimitrios Desyllas

Also, sadly, sometimes many successfully products that require software are not the best engineered ones as well! (And kinda drives me mad, I've felt the pain)

Also in startups soft values are the ones that makes it successful and the code becomes the last priority. Therefore, you have crappy code that you are unable to maintain because you rush for feature.

In my case this issue make me having second thoughts for being software engineer and seriously thinking for an academic career (so I can code till I drop for myself and have the good parts of coding).