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Edward Romero
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AWS Services integration testing by leveraging Local Stack and GitHub Actions

My Workflow

I took some time to develop a way to do integration testing of aws services within a github action workflow. It was a lot of fun to do so I hope you find it as useful as I do in my personal and professional projects.

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Link to Code

GitHub logo merowareinstance / example-aws-services-github-worflows

Project is meant to show an example on how to use aws services through local stack in github actions for CI/CD


Aws Services CI

Example project of aws services setup in github workflows with nodejs and localstack

CI pipeline provides example of integration tests utilizing dynamodb, sqs, and s3



  • High-Level Diagram And Workflow Walk Through
  • Medium Article With Walk Through Of Code
  • Localstack - Fully functional local AWS cloud stack which we use to host s3, sqs, and dynamodb in this example. Feel free to add more services depending on which aws resource you want to test with. NOTE: Read on the documentation of localstack to verify which services are in localstack/localstack image, or whether you need to use the full image localstack/localstack-full
  • AWS javascript SDK - used for interacting with SQS and S3 services
  • Dynogels - used in example as ORM for dynamodb. But you can use whatever you want to connect to dynamodb in the same way

Additional Resources / Info

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