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Discussion on: Leaving my Marketing Director position to become a web dev 🚀

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mescudi wes Author

Bom dia 🇧🇷 Rafael,

Appreciate your response and tips. Currently looking to move many of my code pens to GitHub. With Twitter I’ve had small interaction when it comes to web dev. Any suggestions on what community to follow etc. I will be learning about git(taking a course pretty soon on it) next project is a basic web api using call of duty’s web app and fetch twitch”s api. Thank you and appreciate your feedback!

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Rafael Leitão

Haha Bom dia, Mescudi! Tudo bem? 😆

Nice! Github is the best place to put our code. I think with Twitter you could see people tweeting with #100daysofcode #DEVCommunity and follow, interact with them to find out more people. Aaah cool! It'll be a good way to practice and learn about APIs and backend dev 👏 Keep it up! Reach me out if you need anything :)