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I listen to several subgenres of heavy metal. I have a few hundred albums on my phone (and a few thousands at home). I haven't bothered setting up a turntable at work yet. :)

I've had a heavy metal music review web site for just over 20 years (it turned 20 on September 18), so I get a lot of advanced promos from record labels and independent bands, so I'm almost always listening to that stuff. I guess some people might be wondering what's going on with my head movements at times. :D


That would be cool. To have music before no one has. From this side of the shore, mortals enjoy Today Top hits on Spotify haha


It was cool for a while. Nowadays even small labels use mp3 promo services such as Haulix to distribute promos cheaply, so the sheer number per week is more than any human can handle. I guess in a way it's a nice problem to have, but it does make reviewing everything I get impossible. Sometimes I just delete the e-mails without looking because there's no point getting more.

You'll never see me get anywhere near Top Hits. Except maybe if I lived in Finland where heavy metal is king. :)

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