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Discussion on: StackOverflow isn't as useful anymore? I use GitHub more often.

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Michel Renaud

I still find most of my answers on StackOverflow but I just go where Google leads me, so sometimes it's SO, sometimes GitHub or the Microsoft forums (for .NET stuff). I've found that GitHub questions are often closed without an answer (or a good answer...) Varies a lot.

Gotta be very careful with dates on StackOverflow. I was looking for help on EF Core and found solutions that looked kind of awkward (but worked) and then I found another question that pointed at a better solution based on something new introduced in EF Core 3.0. Same goes for JavaScript. You may find an answer that made sense in 2009 but there are better solutions now because JavaScript has changed quite a bit in the past few years. Basically, don't jump on the first answer you find. But you guys all know that. :)

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Adrian Twarog Author

Yeah, the date was a common thing that came up on twitter too. Having a good version and dates means people can get better solutions.