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I've felt this way about Jira for awhile, while the tool is nice and can communicate certain things, it feels restrictive in many ways. Overall its great for management to know where things are in the lanes, and if you keep notes in there they can see how things go, but honestly I've felt that you spend a long time configuring Jira to get it to work the way you want it to, which kind of goes against the intention to me.

Lately we've been using Rally and I see similar things.

Makes me wonder if maybe going back to basics like sticky notes on a white board is the Paleo version of Scrum/Agile.


sticky notes on a white board is the Paleo version of Scrum/Agile.

I want this on a cross stitch and hung up in my cubicle :)

It also depends on the individual managers, too. For some reason, we have an acronym level person with access to our board which then makes them nag the PM when something is pending acceptance. We also have a customer with access to the board, so we need nice, neat customer friendly names for features. Implement x becomes Fix y because they don't like y (which was an early requirement, not a bug) and don't care how it's technically implemented via x.

I've suggested having another Jira instance for developers only. The PM didn't take that well :P Though we moved from Rally to Jira, so it's a person thing, not a tool thing.

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